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With these Alesis DRP 100 headphones, a perfect sound is guaranteed. While your band mates are rocking out, you can easily control what you hear and at what volume, thanks to their exceptional sound isolation.

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The DH100 drum headphones by CAD Audio are designed especially for drummers. They offer high bass and good audio quality for a great price.
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Roland RH5 är designade för dig som jobbar med musik. De har högkvalitativa högtalare och slutna öronsnäckor.
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These are highly professional stereo headphones that produce a transparent and reliable sound. The RH-200S are lightweight and the height can be adapted which results in excellent wearing comfort.

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The punchy, detailed sound of the Roland RH-300V headphones has been optimised for electronic drums/percussion. They'll bring your Roland V-Drums, Octapad SPD-30, SPD-SX and Handsonic HPD-20 to life!

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The Beyerdynamic DT 770 M are dynamic closed headphones that, thanks to their high SPL and excellent sound isolation, are perfect for drummers, DJs and PA monitoring.
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AKG's K182 headphones are just as ideal for use in the studio as they are at home on the couch, for drum or keyboard monitoring, or on the go with your MP3 player.
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The RH-300 are optimised headphones with a flat and accurate response, suited for the latest generation of digital musical instruments. The 45mm speakers with neodymium magnet offer a full and dynamic range.

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With the KTUI26, KAT Percussion offers a great set of sound-isolating headphones for drummers. They reduce background noise levels by 26 dB so you hear every attack, free of background noises.
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