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Following up on the popular HDSPe AIO, RME unleash the HDSPe AIO PRO PCIe interface. Slot an entire platoon of digital inputs and outputs (think ADAT, AES/EBU and S/PDIF) directly into your motherboard.
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If your computer has a free PCIe slot, you can make studio-quality recordings in 24-bit audio resolution and 96 kHz sample rate using the Maya44 eX internal audio interface by ESI.
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The Focusrite Pro RedNet PCIeR can be fitted to provide your Mac or Windows PC with a ridiculously fast PCIe card able to support up to 128 Dante I/O channels without the slightest hint of latency.
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RME's HDSPe RayDAT is a 24-bit PCi express audio interface with no fewer than 72 channels and a 192kHz sample rate. It's ideal for studios and producers who are in need of proper AD/DA conversion with low latency.
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The RME HDSPe MADI FX PCIe interface is a muscular miracle and has a total of 390 audio channels and an incredibly fast Hammerfall Pro Audio Core.
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RME HDSPe AES-32 är ett PCI-express AES/EBU audio interface, den inbyggda varianten av HDSPAES-32 AES/EBU. Ljudkortet erbuder 16 AES-ingångar och utgångar, MIDI I/O, Wordclock och en samplingsfrekvens på 192 kHz.
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