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The four-channel Monacor PA-12040 mixer amplifier provides professional-grade features to control four different zones.
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The DAP Compact 9.2 zone mixer can divide the sound of 3 microphone inputs and 6 line inputs over two spaces. Installing the mixer might take up a bit of your time, but after that you are all set up for your upcoming events!

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JB Systems Mix 5.2 är en populär zone mixer för barer, kaféer och klubbar. Spela upp musik i två olika rum. 19" rack mixer med 5 mik- och line-ingångar.
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The Power Dynamics PDZM700 is a 6-channel zone mixer is a 19-inch rack unit that provides you with four audio zones.
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The DAP AS-8 is a versatile device that you can use as an 8-in/2-out line mixer or as a 2-in/8-out line splitter with various adjustable outputs.

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The Samson S-Zone is built to pump audio into multiple rooms at once. This Zone Mixer can send out four signals and ensures that you always have an adequate volume wherever you need it.