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This electronic drum kit starter set begins with Fazley's DDK-100. It's a great-sounding electronic drum kit that's perfect for practising at home. The set also includes a drum stool, a pair of drumsticks and headphones.
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4 arbetsdagar
5 321 kr
Tillgänglig inom 8 arbetsdagar.
8 arbetsdagar
2 449 kr
This Mapex Tornado TND5044TC-DK starter set has everything a beginning drummer needs. It comes with a drum kit, cymbals, hardware, a drum stool, a bass drum pedal, drumsticks and even a stick bag.
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I lager
4 049 kr
Dimavery's DS-200 is a complete starter set for drummers. As well as a drum kit consisting of a 22-inch bass drum, a 14-inch snare, 12 and 13-inch toms and a 16-inch floor tom, it comes with stands, cymbals and a drum stool.
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I lager
3 233 kr
Snabb leverans inom 4 vardagar
4 arbetsdagar
5 162 kr
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