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The Puncheon Cigar Box by James Neligan is a unique 4-string guitar. It's an acoustic resonator with two tastefully-designed F-shaped sound holes and a satin-gloss Sunburst finish.
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The Squareneck Resonator by Recording King is made for guitarists who prefer to play their resonator as a lap steel guitar. The RR-60 (in vintage sunburst) offers plenty of reso-mojo at a very reasonable price.
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The Recording King MT30 offers you the authentic, vintage sound and looks of an original Tricone resonator, at a very reasonable price. It's the ideal slide guitar for blues musicians, and perfectly suited for bluegrass.
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For an authentic Delta Blues sound, you need a resonator guitar. With the RR-50 (in Vintage Sunburst and with a round neck) Recording King proves that a good resonator needn't be expensive.
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Fender Derby Brown Resonator passar perfekt som en slidegitarr för blues och bluegrass med sin Tele-stil på hals och huvud och den handgjorda konen.
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The Recording King RU-998 Metal Body is a unique instrument. Essentially, it's a cross between a resonator and a ukulele. The result is an instrument with a stunning appearance and a great sound.
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The Recording King MG10 is a metal resonator guitar with a very reasonable price. It offers great projection and the impeccably rich tone that only a resonator can produce. Ideal for playing blues and bluegrass music.
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