Hohner Tremolomunspel

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A great entry-level instrument for people with an interest in tremolo harmonicas. This Big Valley 48 offers a sublime sound and is very comfortable to play. It's suited for a variety of genres, such as country and folk.
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The Hohner Echo Harp 56/96 CG harmonica kills two birds with one stone. This double-sided instrument features one side tuned in C, and the other tuned in G. It's a great harmonica that dates all the way back to 1925.
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Hohner's Golden Melody 40 C is a gorgeous tremolo harmonica with golden andonised covers. It was designed specifically for folk music from the 1950s and beyond.
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Hohner's Echo 32 will take you on a trip down memory lane! Country, folk and pop are all familiar territory for this classic tremolo harmonica.
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