JBL LSR310S aktiv studiosubwoofer

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There’s a golden rule for mixing and bass tones: you can’t judge what you can’t hear. Bass frequencies are a vital part of any mix, which makes it even stranger that they’re not always (fully) represented by regular near-field studio monitors. Renowned speaker maker JBL has designed an active studio subwoofer to complete their LSR series: the LSR310S. This sub features a 10-inch woofer and is down-firing for an extra deep sound. Its patented Slip Stream Port design also gives the bass tones a proper boost.

The LSR310S' Characteristics

Combined with your own near-fields, this sub’s range of down to 27 Hz ensures a true full-range sound. You can clearly hear (and adjust) the deepest electro bass drums but also the heaviest frequencies in an orchestra. Thanks to a 113 dB peak SPL and a high-quality, built-in 200W Class D amplifier, you won’t need to worry about hearing this subwoofer. You can adjust the sub’s volume to find the ideal balance for your studio.



  • Aansluitingen subwoofer XLR input(s), TRS input(s), XLR output(s)
  • Maximal subwoofer frekvens 80 Hz
  • Minimal frekvens 25 - 29 Hz
  • Diameter woofer 10 tum
  • RMS-effekt i watt 200 - 349 Watt

Gewicht en afmetingen inclusief verpakking

  • Vikt (inkl. förpackning) 25,0 kg
  • Mått (inkl. förpackning) 50,0 x 50,0 x 53,0 cm


  • active subwoofer
  • made for the studio
  • excellently suited for types of music that go just a bit deeper, such as electro and orchestral, for instance
  • great addition to JBL’s LSR series
  • pairs exceptionally well with the LSR305 and LSR308
  • diameter woofer: 10 inches (254 mm)
  • great tonal properties
  • excellent build quality
  • direction: down-firing
  • high-excursion
  • patented Slip Stream Port Design
  • adjustable volume
  • low frequency: 27 Hz
  • peak SPL: 113 dB
  • amplifier: 200W Class D
  • crossover: 80 Hz, XLF, external
  • inputs: 2x XLR, 2x TRS
  • outputs: 2x XLR
  • maximum input level: +20.3 dBu
  • power supply: 100-240 V AC 10/60 Hz
  • dimensions: 448 x 381 x 398 mm
  • weight: 15.6 kg


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JBL LSR310S active studio subwoofer combination discount 1

Produktnr: 9000-0009-1085
  • JBL LSR310S aktiv studiosubwoofer
  • JBL LSR305 aktiv studiomonitor 5 tum (per styck) 2x
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Din rabatt 14,00 kr
Tillgänglig inom 7 arbetsdagar.

JBL LSR310S active studio subwoofer combination discount 2

Produktnr: 9000-0009-1086
  • JBL LSR310S aktiv studiosubwoofer
  • JBL LSR308 tvåvägs aktiv studiomonitor 2x
Standard 7 967,00 kr
Nu som kombination för 7 948,00 kr
Din rabatt 19,00 kr
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JBL LSR310S active studio subwoofer combination discount 3

Produktnr: 9000-0009-1087
  • JBL LSR310S aktiv studiosubwoofer
  • JBL LSR4328P active monitor och DSP 2x
Standard 19 667,80 kr
Nu som kombination för 19 615,00 kr
Din rabatt 52,80 kr
Levereras inom 6 veckor.

JBL LSR310S + Procab CAB610

Produktnr: 9000-0032-7259
  • JBL LSR310S aktiv studiosubwoofer
  • Procab CAB610 hane stereo jack - hane stereo jack 3 meter
Standard 3 857,00 kr
Nu som kombination för 3 849,00 kr
Din rabatt 8,00 kr
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JBL LSR310S + Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (2 Gen)

Produktnr: 9000-0032-7260
  • JBL LSR310S aktiv studiosubwoofer
  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (2 Gen) USB audio interface
Standard 7 082,00 kr
Nu som kombination för 7 034,00 kr
Din rabatt 48,00 kr
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2x JBL LSR310S

Produktnr: 9000-0032-7261
  • JBL LSR310S aktiv studiosubwoofer 2x
7 526,00 kr
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