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The Genelec 7050C is a compact subwoofer packed with an 8-inch woofer. It's ideal for those with smaller-sized studios in need of an extra dose of sub-lows and makes the perfect partner for your near-field monitor.
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Give your Genelec 8010, 8020 or M030 more bottom-end with the 7040A subwoofer. Its compact size makes it ideal for small projects. It features a 6.5-inch woofer and is suitable for pop music in particular.
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Add a healthy dose of low tones to your studio monitors with this 7360 studio subwoofer by Genelec. It can reach 19 Hz, and is loaded with technology (SAM) for an ultimately pure audio output.
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This robust subwoofer deserves a prominent spot in your mixing studio, right between a pair of Genelec studio monitors. It's a versatile sub that's filled with modern technology for the most faithful reproduction.
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Give your Genelec SAM studio monitor the thick, fat bottom-end it deserves with this Genelec 7350A SAM studio subwoofer. SAM tech support ensures that this sub is perfectly calibrated to the studio space for optimum response.
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