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The C-3 is a dual-diaphragm condenser microphone, suited for studio recordings and live applications. Thanks to the double diaphragm all tones are recorded very clearly, which makes for great recordings and performances.

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Behringer’s B-1 is a condenser vocal microphone that is made for studio purposes. Its large single gilded diaphragm ensures the recording of a clear sound, that is warm and accurate.
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Behringer's B-2 Pro is a condenser singing microphone with a large dual diaphragm for in the studio. The diaphragm is gold-sputtered, which makes for clear, warm recordings.

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Behringer has been at it again, and this time they're offering a great-sounding studio condenser microphone. This is an excellent, economical choice for any semi-professional in the world of recording.
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The C-1 is a cardioid condenser studio microphone, designed to pick up your sounds precisely, sensitively and realistically.
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