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Wireless Freedom with BOSS' WL Series

BOSS' new WL series uses newly-developed technology to give you a wireless system that's easy to use, stable, and ensures outstanding sound quality with ultra-low latency.

WL Series: Plug & play!

With BOSS's new WL series, using a wireless system has never been so easy. The transmitter and receiver automatically connect to each other in around 10 seconds! There are three different models in series: the WL-20 has been designed for instruments with passive pickups, while the WL-20L is perfect for instruments with active pickups as well as electro-acoustic guitars with built-in preamps and line-level instruments. The WL-50 is a combination of both models and comes in a practical pedal-sized housing.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information including availability and pricing.

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