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The Roland Groovebox is Back!

Back in 1996, Roland presented the MC-303 Groovebox to the unsuspecting world and have been pushing out generation after generation of this beat-spitting sorcerer ever since. The tools they included completely streamlined music production and now, Roland introduce its most advanced magicians: the MC-707 and MC-101.

MC-707 Groovebox: 8 Tracks with Recording and Sample Functions

With the Roland MC-707, you could easily play an entire live set without a computer in sight, then take it home and produce and record entire albums with this studio-in-a-box. Conjure synth sounds, weave beats or tweak effects via the 8 independent tracks and using the 16 ultra-sensitive pads and intuitive pots and faders. Record in Audio and MIDI, use the latest Roland sound generator and reawaken the sounds of legendary Roland drum computers and synthesizers. Thanks to the advanced USB-audio interface, you can easily integrate MC-707 into any computer-based setup.

MC-101 Groovebox: Streamlined Pocket Production

The Roland MC-101 has all of the sound quality, sequencing functions and effects as the MC-707 but in an ultra-compact, pocket 4-track version. Manipulate the sounds of the TR-808, TR-909, JUNO-106 en SH-101 or load up your own samples using the SDHC-card slot. Since this model can run on four AA batteries, you have a pocket production studio at your command.

With the new Grooveboxes, a new generation can wield the power of these uncanny production boxes; these beat-spitting sorcerers!

Check out the product pages for more information and specifications.

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