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  5. The Proel Session 6: For that Full-On Line-Array Feeling!

The Proel Session 6: For that Full-On Line-Array Feeling!

Not a lot of people know that Proel make speakers. Well they do. And when they do, they do a pretty excellent job as proven in the block-rocking Proel Session6! Read on to find out more!

A Neat-Array: The Proel Session6

With the veritable forest of column-speakers available right now, it can be tough job to stand out, but here, Proel have managed to do just that with the Session 6. Besides the salient fact that this PA set is designed to be insanely portable, it also comes complete with a highly convenient distance rod and gig bag. An ample sub mounted with two 10-inch woofers takes care of tight lows while two satellite speakers offer a combined total of 12 drivers to shower sparkling mid and high-end across the crowd.

The real talent of this speaker system lies in its incredible level of flexibility when it comes to setting up. A special coupling system fitted to the satellites allows an agile range of configuration options. Besides being stacked on the sub, the two tops can be stand-mounted and spread with the sub placed mid-way for a real 2.1 system. Or, simply lock the two speakers into the top of the sub then mount a larger top to the included distance rod to expand the setup. The Session6 can literally be adapted to meet the demands of any space.

If you're already desperate to know more, then get yourself to the product page for the full specs and write up.

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