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  5. The Pioneer DDJ-400: the First Step in your DJ Career

The Pioneer DDJ-400: the First Step in your DJ Career

If being a DJ is what you want more than anything else in the world, then the Pioneer DDJ-400 controller should not be missing from your life. This device has all kinds of new functionality and makes learning how to DJ easier than ever before! Pioneer have done it again - find out how by reading more!

Pioneer DDJ-400: mastering the basics

The DDJ-400 is a two-channel controller with a layout based on the renowned NXS2 system. This machine has everything you need, whether you want to spin some tracks at home or perform with it in a club. What makes this controller so special is that it's completely compatible with Rekordbox DJ's brand-new Tutorial Function, which helps DJs learn the tricks of the trade in no time, even if they've never had a go at the jog wheels before. The available tutorials teach you step-by-step how to turn DJ-ing from your hobby to your profession!

Best of all, the DDJ-400 is now in stock at Bax Music. Forget the beach, this controller will have you spinning indoors all summer long!

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