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The Adam T8V Studio Monitor - An Epic Success Story

The popular-beyond-measure Adam T-Series welcomes a new member to its fold: the Adam T8V, a heavy-lifting hulk among studio monitors. Naturally, everyone had been eagerly awaiting its prophetic arrival since an 8-inch member had been mysteriously missing from the series. Well, here it is!

The Adam T8V Studio Monitor

This is an undeniably stunning hunk of a studio monitor complete with a ribbon tweeter for a super-tight high-end and an eight-inch woofer for a gut-punching low-end. To be a little more precise, this monitor dives as low as 33 Hz, roughly hitting the lowest E of a bass guitar and the lower notes produced by an orchestra. The maximum 118dBs per pair enables this monitor to shake you to your very core and makes it the perfect tool for EDM producers. And, while there are more than a few 8-inch monitors around, they're not built by Adam: the giant among giants when it comes to building really big studio monitors. Two years ago, during the 2018 edition of NAMM, we were already overexcited about the T5V and T7V, so the T8V is pretty much blowing our little minds. Of course, the T8V was being saved for this year's Musikmesse trade fair in Germany, but due to obvious reasons, this won't be happening. In any case, this monster doesn't cost a bomb, offers studios a truly solid investment and, just as with the T5V and T7V, you're getting a 100% genuine chunk of Adam prowess!

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