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Sterling by Music Man Product Range Greatly Increased!

There are aren't many brands who can match the excellent value for money offered by Sterling by Music Man. And that's exactly why Bax Music has added many more of their products to its range.

The versatile StingRay

Anyone who plays bass guitar is likely to have heard of the StingRay. This ergonomic electric bass guitar is available in different configurations and styles. It doesn't matter whether you're after the no-nonsense punch of a single humbucker or you prefer two, or whether you prefer a model with a traditional appearance or one with an eye-catching burl top. The StingRay covers all the bases and when you invest in a StingRay, you're buying an excellent bass guitar that will give you years of playing pleasure.

Endorsed by master guitarists

Sterling offer more attractively-priced versions of top-quality Ernie Ball Music Man guitars. This makes them more accessible to many people who want to play on the same type of instrument as their guitar idols. Sterling have a wide range of signature models from names like John Petrucci (Dream Theatre), Steve Lukather (Toto), James Valentine (Maroon 5) and Albert Lee. The much talked about St. Vincent model is part of the Sterling range too. There are also plenty of standard models on offer including the Cutlass, Axis and Silhouette.

Ernie Ball Music Man also available

For professional musicians and those looking for the very best, Bax Music also stocks Ernie Ball Music Man models and there are plans to increase the range of these products as well. If you're after a particular model we don't have in stock yet, fill in the form below and we'll try and track it down for you.

Product request

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information including availability and pricing.

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