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Soon in Stock: Adam T5V and T7V Studio Monitors

You may remember a NAMM news item from the beginning of this year when we were enthusiastic about the launch of the Adam T5V and T7V. Now, the wait is over and these studio monitors are finally here!

The best studio monitors of 2018?

These two studio monitors by Adam are rumoured to be the hit of the year. They have a 5-inch and a 7-inch woofer respectively for a broad tonal range, especially in the low region. The T5V is an excellent all-rounder for pop music and mixing in small spaces. The T7V is the next step up and more suitable for large-scale mixing jobs, like film scores, for example. For the high tones, both models are equipped with a ribbon tweeter for defined, top-quality audio.

Adam's monitors are the ideal choice if you want a professional, reliable sound for an affordable price. We expect them to hit the shelves on Wednesday 4th April! Will you be the first on your block to own a set?

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