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Sequential Pro 3 - Make Your Own Wavetables

The two Sequential Pro 3s that were announced at the start of this year may be monophonic synths, but at least they're extremely elaborate monophonic synths! Sequential might even have you believe they've reached the limit, but have they? Read on to find out how Sequential feels about this!

Custom Wavetables!

The Pro 3 and the Pro 3 SE are equipped with three oscillators - two analogue and one digital - and can both play wavetables. What's actually new, is that now you can also load your own wavetables into your Pro 3, essentially making your synth truly unique! To do this, you need to use an online tool; a wavetable generator, which even comes with an explanation of what a waveform ideally looks like. If you've worked with samples before, however, you probably already know what looping and cross-fading means. Either way, it's an exciting little extra that came right out of the blue! Figure out what kind of waveform you want to create and use Sequential's online tool, Sequential Waves to make it happen!

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