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Sennheiser Tourguide: Impress Your Visitors

Sennheiser's Tourguide system is perfect for giving guided tours or even providing visitors with detailed information about your brands, products and services, for instance. If you're looking for a way to impress your visitors, the Tourguide system will help you do it!

The Tourguide system makes it easy for guides to reach their listeners and there are various options available. Combine a headset or lavalier microphone of your choice with the SK 2020-D bodypack for a hands-free setup, for instance. For more flexibility, you might want to choose the SKM 2020-D handheld microphone to deliver your message. You can then let others easily talk simply by passing them the mic. For listeners, there's the HDE 2020-D-II stethoset receiver or the EK 2020-D-II bodypack receiver that works with different sets of headphones. The latter model is also suitable for those who use a hearing aid thanks to the its EZT 3011 induction loop.

Ideal for rentals too

The Sennheiser Tourguide system is also perfect for rental purposes. It's easy for anyone to use and in the EZL 2020-20L transport case, you can fit an SK 2020-D bodypack, an SKM 2020-D mic and up to 20 HDE 2020-D or EK 2020-D receivers. Everything can charge inside the case and be easily reset at the push of a button.

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