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Roland Fantom System Update v1.50

The recently released Roland Fantom Workstations are already extremely extensive when it comes to sounds and features but can be upgraded to become even better! Read on to find out what Roland's latest update brings to your Fantom!

Roland Fantom System Update 1.50

The fresh v1.50 update gives you access to the acoustic sounds of the SuperNATURAL engine and the possibilities presented by a 32-band vocoder. The latter offers a ton of fun when you want to apply the formants of one sound to that of another, especially because this can be done in great detail thanks to the 32 available bands. With the new update, even ZEN-Core sound packs can now be imported and exported and this is just the beginning of the list.

So, if you own a Fantom 6, Fantom 7 or a Fantom 8, you should get it fully up to date by downloading and installing the new v1.50 Update!

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