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Revv Amplification Gear Now Available at Bax Music

The 100% Canadian-made high-quality that is Revv Amplification gear is now available at Bax Music! Unbelievably flexible amps and effects pedals serving renowned studio-and-stage-grade sound await!

From Ola Englund to Jeff Loomis

Any literate guitarist who keeps one eye on Youtube and the other on any magazines, will doubtless be aware of the celebrated emergence of Revv Amplification and their G3 Pedal. This humble stompbox has risen steadily through the ranks before taking the title as one of the best distortion pedals produced in recent years. To keep it company, the G4 Pedal and the G2 Pedal were developed and released for the more sonically adventurous guitarist. The beauty of these pedals is that they can be set up in such minute detail and are designed to work seamlessly both together and with any amplifier so that, by adding one of these to your board, you're not only getting a single effect but an endlessly adjustable power-tool of a stompbox.

Revved-Up Tube Amplification with Two Notes Torpedo

Besides the fresh effects, Revv Amplification have also been busy making huge advancements in the development of their lunchbox format tube-amplifiers. Each amp comes with Two Notes Torpedo built-in as standard for eased integration into any live or studio setup. It's this feature that makes directly hooking these amps up to a PA, audio-interface or headphones possible. Right now, two different models have been made available, each with their own characters and voicings. The D20 caters to more deliciously clean and crunchy tastes while the G20 has definitely been built for more heavy lifting.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information including availability and pricing.

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