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Reason 11

The newest DAW is finally made reality! Reason 11 is officially released, not by Propellerhead but by Reason Studios. Curious? Read more below!

Reason Studios

As you might be able to tell from the image above, Propellerhead has changed up their name. Reason Studios introduce the new Reason DAW. But all of this is just marketing subterfuge, the fresh package is still every bit of the trusted Reason package you expect, but entirely new. Numerous improvements have been made that are sure to put a grin on your face. Along with some bug fixes, Reason 11 includes new virtual effects and instruments. The most striking improvement is that of the renowned Reason rack, containing every virtual synth. This rack is eternally useful, enabling you to link inputs to outputs, giving you virtual modular functionality. Previously, this rack was exclusive to Reason, so other DAW users had been left out. Until now! Reason Studios have released the hallowed Reason Rack as a VST3 plugin. So, if your own DAW supports VST3 then you can also get your mitts on the Reason rack! With Christmas creeping up, Reason 11 will certainly find its way onto many wish lists!

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