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Reason 10 Intro - the New Essentials

When the Reason 10 line up was launched not long ago, it included the version of their Essentials production software. It also happened to be their last, as Propellerhead have decided to stop the development of this series. Long live the alternative: Reason Intro 10!

Reason Intro 10 - for beginners

The new Intro series is in the same price category and is aimed at the same users as Essentials, so basically it's all in the name. Some details are a little different than the Essentials edition, but the basics of this DAW software are still very much intact. The Intro offers more possibilities to make your music absolutely perfect. It includes virtual instruments, a great sound library, and essential effects. It also features a 16-channel mixer (audio or MIDI) so you can add the finishing touches to your project. Most importantly, as well as support for the well-known Rack Extensions, this software also supports VST. That means you can take on the world and use the same VSTs the professionals work with!

In short, when you invest in this product, you're investing in the start of a thriving career in music production!

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