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Rane Seventy-Two: Firmware V1.2 Update!

Rane DJ have given their flagship Seventy-Two DJ mixer one heck of a firmware update. With V1.2, Rane DJ opens the door to countless new features and possibilities even the most demanding DJs are sure to appreciate. 

Seventy-Two FIRMWARE V1.2

This new version contains various new Touchscreen view functions such as Startup View, Load/Scroll Touch, Pinch-to-Zoom and Library View. You can see and access relevant information (such as labels for specific pad functions) easier and fast than ever before with the Performance Pads in Pad Mode Display mode.

This update includes many more features that are sure to have a huge impact on the way you mix your set., for example: 

  • Time Parameter Display
  • Beat Multiplication Modes
  • Tap Mode
  • Footswitch Modes
  • Beat Breaker Editing
  • Flex FX Echo Sound
  • Effects Toggle LEDs
  • Filter Setup
  • Mic Echo Feedback
  • Mic Ducking
  • and Vegas Mode

The different features are too numerous to list in a single news item. If you're curious about the complete list, click this link!

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