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QSC KS118: New Powerhouse Subwoofer!

When it comes to speakers, QSC is known for their excellent quality. The same can be said of their superb subwoofers, though. Need proof? Read on below and check out the QSC KS118!

QSC KS118: New Powerhouse Subwoofer!

KS118: 18-inch Powerhouse!

With the KS118, QSC bring a new, active subwoofer to the table that won't back out of a fight with its competitors easily and offers various eye-catching features. The possibility to adjust its radiation mode lets you decide between cardioid or omni-directional radiation. Do note, cardioid radiation does require two KS118 subs. In terms of its thunderous 3600 Watts of peak power, a Class-D amplifier does most of the heavy lifting. When it comes to actually lifting this big boy yourself, forget it - this sub comes complete with a handy set of wheels!

Score this beastly subwoofer at Bax Music today!

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