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Pioneer Introduces the DDJ-SX3 with Serato DJ Pro!

Pioneer's new DDJ-SX3 is their first (4-channel) DJ controller that's been built to handle Serato's new DJ Pro software. The DJ Pro software is included for free as are Serato's Flip and Pitch ‘n Time software expansion packs. Read on to find out more about the brand new Pioneer DDJ-SX3 DJ controller itself.

Pioneer DDJ-SX3

Clearly, the DDJ-SX3 has been made with interactive DJs in mind which is why it offers more features and connection possibilities than any of its predecessors. DJs who like to add live elements like singing, rapping and beatboxing to their performances are sure to find it particularly useful. The layout of the SX3 is very similar to the previous incarnation and by-and-large has the same top-quality, robust housing that mobile DJs, in particular, certainly appreciated on the DDJ-SX2.


The DDJ-SX3 has three microphone inputs with Mic FX on board and the sound level, EQ, low-cut filter and effects can all be accurately adjusted. Two USB ports make it possible to connect two computers at the same time for seamless transitions, back-to-back performances or backups. The Color FX section gives you echo, jet, noise and filter effects to work with. There are eleven performance pads that can be used to trigger hot cues as well as Sampler and Pitch Play. The jog wheels have a lower latency than ever before and the SX3's mixer and player sections have been given an update in terms of the way they look. Naturally, everything about the DDJ-SX3 has been designed to get the very best out of Serato's new DJ Pro software.

The Pioneer DDJ-SX3 is expected to be available for delivery at the end of June, but you can already order it. Keep an eye on the product page for all the latest information.


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