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Pioneer Introduce the Toraiz SQUID!

Pioneer's new SQUID is the latest addition to their Toraiz series of musical instruments and production equipment. Read on to find out more about this multitrack sequencer.



Pioneer Introduce the Toraiz SQUID!


The SQUID will help you unlock your creativity and aid your workflow. Not only is it packed with possibilities and innovative functions, but because it's possible to connect up to 16 pieces of hardware, the SQUID will become the beating heart of your entire setup!

One of the most interesting functions on the SQUID is known as 'Groove Bend'. This gives you full control over the rhythm of the sequencer using a fader. It allows you to easily change the trigger timing in real time and is something that's not been seen on a multitrack sequencer before. There are plenty of other functions on board too including step edit, time warp, speed modulation, phase arrangement, harmonizer and interpolation. In short, the Toraiz SQUID can do just about anything you can think of!

When you use the SQUID with software, there are even more possibilities! The SQUID Manager makes it easy to transfer patterns, files and clips between the SQUID and your DAW and you can easily backup entire projects too!

If you're as excited about Pioneer's Toraiz SQUID as we are, you can order yours at Bax Music right now!

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