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Pioneer DDJ-SB3: After Two Comes Three

It wasn't exactly a surprise that there was going to be a successor to the SB2, but no one could imagine anything like the DDJ-SB3! Pioneer have outdone themselves with the brand-new Serato controller. Even though it has the uniform appearance of all their DJ controllers, it sports a unique look all its own thanks to a fruitful collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

DJ in control

The DDJ-SB3 is similar to its predecessor the RB, but Pioneer have equipped it with enough new features to really set it apart from the rest of their product range. It comes complete with Serato DJ Lite, also known as Intro, and is the result of a collaboration with hip-hop legend DJ Jazzy Jeff. He incorporated eight scratch techniques under eight performance pads, especially for the SB3 so you can add cool effects to your track with the same finesse. There's also a Fade FX feature that enables you to add a dynamic crescendo to your pad effects.

Want to know more about the DDJ-SB3? Check out the product page for more information, prices and estimated delivery times.

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