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Ormsby Custom Shop Guitars Exclusively at Bax Music!

If you're a guitarist who's looking for something truly special, then Bax Music is the right destination. We've got unique Ormsby models from the Australian Custom Shop that you won't find anywhere else!

HypeMachine: fantastic finishes

The HypeMachine is one of Ormsby's most popular models. This stunning 7-string electric guitar has fanned frets which means that each string has a slightly different scale length. The finishes are eye-catching too: the Stone 7, for instance, has a top made of stone! You might think that this would make the guitar too heavy, but thanks to its chambered body that's not the case. The Copper Top 7 has a top made of blue oxidised copper that's just as impressive.

Scarab: Modern classic

If you prefer a more traditional-looking model with a modern twist, then Ormsby's Scarab may be more up your street. The Scarab 6 has a curvaceous single-cut body with a semi-multiscale fret arrangement that makes it easier to play and improves the intonation. Small features like the skull toggle switch with Heaven and Hell labelling takes this guitar's design to another level too. All Ormsby Custom Shop models are signed by Perry Ormsby himself and come complete with a case.

Goliath: no headaches!

If an Ormsby Custom Shop model is a little out of your price range, then perhaps one of their standard models made in South Korea is more appealing. The Goliath is an electric guitar aimed at progressive guitarists who want an instrument that is highly versatile and has an exceptionally ergonomic body shape. They're available in 6 and 7-string versions with all sorts of stylish finishes.



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