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New Volca and Minilogue XD Models by Korg

If you've been reading our news items recently, you might have noticed that Korg seem to have been quite busy! They've now announced three more products in the form of the new Volca Drum, the Volca Modular and the Minilogue XD.

The Volcas

The Volca Drum is rather special because it creates drum sounds using DSP-powered analogue modelling instead of using samples to make sounds. This gives you the possibility to create many percussive sounds that go far beyond what you'd find on a traditional drum kit, for example. The Korg Volca Modular is pretty special too. It's an analogue synthesizer with eight modules, fifty patch points, digital effects and a sequencer. You can find out more about both Volcas by clicking on the relevant product pages.

The Minilogue XD

The Minilogue XD is a synthesizer that has top-quality sound with analogue warmth and plenty of controls and effects on board, as well as a keyboard with 37 keys. Again, you can find out much more about it by going to the relevant product page.

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