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New: Vegas Movie Studio 15 Video Editing Software

Vegas has always been a fun software package to work with! It enables you to edit your own movies in a flash. Today, software developer Magix have released the version of Vegas Movie Studio, consisting of the standard, Platinum, and Suite versions.

Vegas Movie Studio 15 for the Spielberg in you

The concept is as familiar as it is simple - the software is basically a timeline where you place your video and music fragments in the order you want. Considering most people have a smartphone these days, it's fun to do something creative with all the videos you shoot on a daily basis. The three Movie Studio 15 versions are very similar to each other, but as the versions increase, so does the number of effects and possibilities you'll have to work with. That being said, even the most basic version allows you to create truly impressive audio and video imagery! What are you waiting for? Unleash your inner Spielberg today!

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