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New MC & MP Series Mackie Models!

Mackie introduce a fair number of new MC Series Studio Headphones and MP Series Live In-Ear Monitors for demanding musicians and punctilious sound technicians! These include the professional-grade open-construction MC-350 and the closed-construction MC-450 headphones, as well as the MP-320, MP-360 and MP-460 live in-ear monitors. Next to these superb monitoring solutions, Mackie present the MP-BTA MMCX Bluetooth Receiver to accommodate wireless connectivity.



Professional In-Ear and Over-Ear Monitoring Solutions

Whether you're looking for a live monitoring solution or a pair of audiophile-approved headphones for studio sessions, Mackie have got you covered with their latest additions to the renowned MP and MC Series. The new in-ear monitors accentuate the nuance in your mix and provide plenty of room for the lows and exceptional clarity in the mid and high range. The MP Series headphones offer a full frequency range, a comfy yet durable premium leather design, an adjustable headband, memory foam ear pads and most of all, accurately tight sound reproduction!

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