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New FreePlay Lineup by Mackie!

The three new FreePlay portable speaker models by Mackie are all about mobility, design, and functionality. The GO, HOME en LIVE speakers range from small to big and each one features Bluetooth capability and an elegant black design.

Mackie FreePlay GO, HOME, and LIVE speakers

The FreePlay GO and HOME speakers are geared towards the consumer market. Both products are easy to take with you wherever you go and have an inconspicuous, elegant black appearance that's sure to look great in any interior. The FreePlay HOME is the middle-sized speaker, and it delivers more detail in the audio than its smaller GO companion. The FreePlay LIVE, however, is designed for live (solo) performers. It features a 150-watt, 6-inch woofer and the possibility to connect a mic, guitar, or line device using the available inputs. You can mix your sound on the speaker's built-in mixer or wirelessly by means of the FreePlay app, and you can even connect multiple FreePlay speakers for an even larger, more impressive sound or multi-room applications!

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