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New: Fazley DDK-100 Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

Fazley's DDK-100 Mesh is a new addition to our assortment. It's a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that consists of a snare, three toms, a bass, a hi-hat and two cymbals. The module that's included too is easy to use and has sounds from 25 different drum kits on board. It even has extra inputs so that you can add an additional tom pad or cymbal pad if you like. Alternatively, you can choose the DDK-100 Mesh PRO kit that already has the extra pads included.

Suitable for drummers of all levels

Whether you're just starting out as a drummer or you're already experienced, the DDK-100 is great for practice sessions at home. That's because it has mesh drumheads that are virtually silent. You can even adjust the tension to get your preferred response and a similar playing feel to an acoustic drum kit. Another notable feature is the fact that all of the drum and cymbal pads are dual-zone. This means each pad is capable of producing two different sounds depending on where you strike it. You could have a rimshot on the edge of the snare pad, for instance, or a cowbell on the edge of the floor tom. It's up to you!

Comprehensive user-friendly module

In total, the module has 423 sounds on board and 25 drum kit presets have already been put together for you. There are still 10 user preset slots available, however, for you to put together drum kits of your own. Both preset and user preset kits are all adjustable using the module's easy-to-use controls. The module has 38 built-in songs for you to drum along to, but you can also connect an external audio device like a smartphone via the auxiliary input and drum along with your favourite songs. The fader controls make it quick and easy to get the perfect balance between all of the drum pad levels.

Integrated cabling

Naturally, the pads need to be connected to the drum module and Fazley have implemented an elegant solution for this by integrating the cables into the frame. They're then bundled together and attach to the module via a single connector. There are also two extra inputs for those who wish to add the extra drum pad or cymbal pad. They're exactly the same as the ones that come with the kit and will be recognised by the module as soon as they're connected. They come complete with the necessary cables and a holder that can be mounted on to the frame. If you already know that you'll want the extra drum and cymbal pads, the DDK-100 Mesh PRO kit already has both included.

Even more!

We haven't mentioned all of the connection possibilities yet that include a headphone output, a line output, USB and MIDI IN and OUT. We haven't mentioned the wireless hi-hat pedal or the smooth double chain drive bass drum pedal yet either. If you want to find out more about any of the products mentioned in this news item, go the product pages. There, you'll find out even more including detailed product specifications and you'll be able to take a look at some more photos too.

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