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New at Bax Music: GRBass!

Italy isn't only known for its rich history and tasty dishes. Modern-day bass guitarists can also find everything they need down there to get their sound just right! That's why Bax Music have added a collection of excellent bass guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets by Italian quality brand GRBass to the assortment.

Experience the pure sound of your bass guitar

The bass amp heads, amplifier combos and bass guitar cabinets by the hand of founder, designer and musician Gianfranco Rizzi allow your bass guitar to fiercely claim its sonic spot in every sound mix. It really doesn't matter if you're playing a passive vintage P-style bass or prefer to tame your active, multi-string bass beast. Do you regularly spice up your bass parts with effects? Then you'll be as pleased as punch with a GRBass rig too. For touring and travelling bassists we've even got matching protective covers for the aforementioned array of heads, combos and cabinets

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information, including availability and pricing.

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