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Nektar Presents Panorama T4 and T6 MIDI Keyboards

Music producers who enjoy taking on more projects than they can actually handle are sure to appreciate the new Panorama T4 and Panorama T6 MIDI keyboards by Nektar. They're the perfect tools for top-notch studio productions and work seamlessly with your favourite DAW!

Software and hardware together

For starters, these are basically two excellent MIDI keyboards with great synth-action, aftertouch, sliders, encoders, pads, transport buttons, and everything else you could possibly need. The only thing you need to consider is the number of keys, as the panorama is available in a 49 or 61-note version. The true power of the T4 and the T6 is found in the Nektarine software, which forms the digital bridge between the keyboard and the plugins in your DAW. This way, you can operate your plugins directly with the Panorama's sliders and encoders. Mapping is included, but you can also create your own, of course, and enjoy seamless integration between hardware and software for optimal results!

We expect the Panorama keyboards to hit the shelves here at Bax Music around mid-July.

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