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Nektar Panorama now with Studio One Integration!

Nektar's range of products have always integrated well with different DAWs and now their Panorama series also integrates with PreSonus Studio One!

Nektar Panorama and Studio One!

The Nektar Panorama P1, P4, P6, T4 and T6 can all now integrate with Studio One giving users a completely new experience when working with the software. As well as being able to see tracks on the Nektar itself, you'll be able to control parameters and transport functions, navigate projects, operate the mixer, control VSTs and much more! The integration also means you can use the Nektarine virtual instrument that comes with your Nektar Panorama model as a plugin with your DAW. All you need to do to get your hands on this wonderful development is update your firmware and that won't cost you a penny!

If you work with PreSonus Studio One and you've had your eye on a Nektar Panorama or you have a Nektar Panorama and you've been looking at Studio One, or you need to buy both, now's a great time to make your purchase.

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