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Meet Devine's First Audio Interface: The 2i2o!

If you've been working hard at putting together your own recording studio, you might be happy to learn that Devine have just released their first audio interface! The Devine Centro 2i2o marks the start of a series of future studio gear that guarantees quality results and, of course, at the amicable prices you've come to expect from the brand.

The Centro 2i2o - The Heart Of Your Studio

The Devine Centro 2i2o is the perfect interface for use in combination with your Windows or Mac computer and has been purpose-built as a classic desktop device. Leave it on your desk for show and enjoy full and easy access to plug in a pair of headphones, your studio monitors and any microphones you have lying around.

Connectors and Controls

With the 2i2o, you're getting two channels fitted with high-grade preamps and phantom power support, which is actually unrivalled in this price class considering you can connect virtually anything. From the line signal of a digital piano to electro-acoustic guitars and microphones, this audio interface happily takes them all. Even more striking are the balanced XLR outputs, which ensure a stable connection to your studio monitors and naturally there's a solid-feeling and centre-mounted volume control. The mute switch can be used in case you feel the need to share any complaints you might have about your singer or guitarist, and Device show they haven't missed out on the monitoring side of things by including a Direct, Mix and Off monitor switch to help send the correct audio signal to your headphones.

Software Included

Download the available firmware to optimally run the interface software on your computer to have a clear overview of all incoming and outbound signals. A Bitwig 8-Track DAW license is thrown in on top so you can get started right away!

Centro Starter Pack

Prefer to buy all of the essentials in one go? Check out the Centro 2i2o Starter Pack, which includes the 2i2o audio interface, a BitWig 8-Track software license, Devine PRO 3500 headphones and a studio microphone (P-Mic) with shock mount, pop filter and desktop stand.

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