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LaPaz Present New C30 Series Classical Guitars!

Shopping for a guitar on a budget can prove very worthwhile these days. Before you even know it, you'll stumble across a diamond in the rough like the LaPaz C30. This is great entry-level guitar by LaPaz is available in different shapes and in both black and natural finishes.

LaPaz C30

A Solid Foundation

As stunning as a guitar may look, it's not going anywhere if it doesn't have the basics covered. Fortunately, LaPaz know this like no other. The C30 gets you an excellent beginner guitar with a level of finish that can usually only be found on higher-end models. If you take a close look at the sound hole of the C30, you'll find another striking feature: a truss rod! This metal rod allows you to adjust the curvature of the neck and generally doesn't come installed on beginner guitars. Take the C30 to your next lesson and shock your guitar teacher with the price you've paid for it!

Great Quality for Beginners and Advanced Players

It's not only the price tag that makes the C30 a great choice for a first guitar. Thanks to a carefully layered matte finish, your fret hand won't easily stick to the surface of the neck and you can effortlessly glide across the fretboard. After all, a thick-layered paint job only diminishes resonance and the absence of it actually enhances the transferring of string vibrations to the resonance chamber. Thanks to the spruce top and basswood sides and back, this classical guitar will even surprise experienced players and it's only when you first strum the strings of the C30 and hear its rich sound that you realize you've gotten your money's worth. The frets are near sublime and inviting enough to play the C30 until your fingers practically start to blister. Also, where most budget guitars tend to be over-sensitive to temperature changes and may consequently suffer wood shrinkage, crooked necks and exposed fret edges, the C30 is exceptionally durable under any normal circumstances.

Available in Various Sizes

The C30 comes in two different colours and three different sizes. Choose between matte black or matte natural and have the pick of a 4/4-sized, 3/4-sized or 1/2-sized guitar. The smaller sizes are especially suitable for children, since they're slim enough for shorter arms to reach up and over the resonant chamber. Naturally, any grown-up could also decide to turn the 1/2-sized model into a friendly, acoustic travel companion.

The LaPaz C30 Series is now exclusively available at Bax Music so you can see for yourself just how much value for money these guitars get you!

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