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Innox Present Basic Line Flight Case Series

There's good news for anyone who wants to protect their gear but doesn't want to spend a fortune doing it! Innox introduce their new, practical, budget-friendly Basic Line flight case series.

Universal cases

The series includes a number of universal cases that are perfect for all sorts of gear and accessories. They have wooden panels, ball corners and foam lined interior to keep your equipment safe inside.


Double-door cases

There are also a number of double-door flight cases that are 23 or 35 cm deep so that you can choose the one that suits your rack equipment best. They have built-in sliding rails for mounting your equipment and rackware is included as well.


The cases all have 7 mm-thick wooden panels, ball corners, robust hardware and foam lining on the inside. The latches can accommodate padlocks for added security as well. If you're looking for an attractively-priced flight case that will keep your gear safe, take a look at Innox' Basic Line flight case series.

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