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In Stock Now: American DJ MOD LED PARs

After their recent launch, the American DJ MOD LED PARs have finally hit the shelves and are now in stock in our warehouse!

A highly versatile spotlight

The MOD series consists of LED pars that offer the same features. The differences are in the number of light sources (four or seven) and the level of lux. The similarities of these products are what make them so interesting. Each PAR has a black housing that can be replaced with a white one, should it suit your environment better. You can adjust the spotlight from a beam to a wash, and the PAR comes with three frost filters. Control is via DMX, both 3 and 5-pin, and you can daisy-chain multiple MOD LED PARs and activate the strobe function os enjoy one of the built-in programs. These fixtures are versatile in every way!

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