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IK Multimedia - Temporary I/O-deal!

IK Multimedia have a great offer to get you through the rest of October 2019. Get a free bonus when you invest in a product from their I/O series!

The promotion

Say you want to invest in one of IK Multimedia's I/O products. At the moment, you can choose from five: two MIDI keyboards, two audio interfaces and a stomp box. There's bound to be a solid upgrade for your studio in there! If you register your purchase at IK Multimedia, you'll be offered a choice between two bonus rewards in your IKM account: the SampleTank 4 MAX or the AmpliTube MAX. These software packs would normally set you back a serious amount of money - all the more reason to take this promotion seriously! So don't wait for the grass to grow, this deal expires at the end of October 2019.

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