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Go Bananaz with Thunderplugs Earplugs

Bax Music now has Thunderplugs earplugs by Bananaz among its huge range of products. It should go without saying, but protecting your hearing is one of the most important things you can do.

Prevent hearing damage

Loud noises are everywhere, but music fans tend to expose themselves to high levels of noise more often than most. You've only got one set of ears and if your hearing is damaged by loud noises, this can become a permanent problem. Using a set of earplugs like Bananaz Thunderplugs ensure your ears are protected from damage.

Ear protection for everyone!

There are a few different versions of Thunderplugs available. The Classic version reduce sound levels by 18 dB and are perfect for almost any event you might attend. If you're in a band or you have sensitive ears, you may prefer a sound reduction of 26 dB offered by the Pro Thunderplugs. Both of these models are specially designed for music which means you'll still be able to hear it in all its glory. It's not just music fans who are exposed to loud noise however, bikers are too! That's why Bananaz also offer Motor earplugs for motorbike riders. They reduce noise by 26 dB and even have a special wind filter built in! All of these models are discreet, comfortable to wear, reusable and come with a handy storage case. Bananaz even have Banana Muffs for children that offer a sound reduction of 25 dB. That means you can take your kids to noisy environments without any worries too!

Treat your ears to a set of Bananaz Thunderplugs!

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