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Fazley Reveal New Colourtune Guitars and Ukuleles

Adventurous beginners and advanced players who are looking for an extra acoustic guitar or ukulele will love Fazley's new Colourtune series. The range includes colourful models that look and feel great.

Choice of body shapes

The W70 series consists of instruments with popular body shapes. There are Dreadnought and Grand Auditorium models with natural, sunburst or matte black finishes, for instance. If you're after an acoustic guitar with a slightly smaller body, however, take a look at the W55 flattop that comes in green, red and black.

Even more compact?

Younger players may find the 3/4-size W55 acoustic guitar more suitable. It comes in a fresh green, fiery red or stylish black colour. Perhaps you fancy playing a compact, soprano ukulele instead? If so, the K5521 uke is a great choice. It also comes in green, red or black.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information including availability and pricing.

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