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Duratruss U-Frame: Truss without fuss!

A while ago, Duratruss introduced the U-Frame: a handy ladder truss system with practical usability. Read on if you want to know how it works and what it can do!

Duratruss U-Frame: Truss without fuss!

Duratruss U-Frame: Practical ease!

Traditional truss set-ups often include a lot of manual labour and curse words but Duratruss has come up with a practical solution: the U-Frame. The Duratruss U-Frame is a ladder truss system, providing you with the easiest way to effortlessly suspend all of your light effects. Simply stack the truss parts on top of one another and you'll end up with a U-top that you can build as high as you like. The bottom part can be placed on a baseplate or on a dolly on wheels for a truly, mobile system.

Please note, the U-Frame is capable of supporting a certain weight capacity and shouldn't be used for heavy duty purposes. If you're looking for a simple and practical solution for a few lights and light effects, the U-Frame is the way to go!

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