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Denon DJ Prime 4 - New Firmware!

Firmware updates have become an integral part of many technological products and every now and then, the updates bring highly-desirable new features. That's the case with Denon DJ's Prime 4 firmware update to v1.3.2.

Denon DJ Prime 4 - New Firmware!

Prime 4 - Firmware V1.3.2

Firmware updates usually include things like bug fixes and functional enhancements. Once in a while, they include much-requested new features too. Denon DJ have clearly been listening to feedback from users because, with this firmware update for the Prime 4 all-in-one DJ system, they've given them exactly what they've been asking for: horizontal waveforms on the display!

This makes the Prime 4 even easier to use and along with this enhancement, they've taken the opportunity to improve other things too. There's a new console status bar to make your workflow even better and a user-adjustable Nudge Sensitivity button that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the jog wheels. What's more, the BPM detection has been improved as well.

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