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Bose S1 Now Includes Battery Pack as Standard

As of the 10th of may, the renowned Bose S1 PA system will come complete with a Battery Pack as standard! This essential component used to be available as an optional accessory only. The Battery Pack boasts a lifespan of 6 to 11 hours. If you have already purchased the Bose S1 PA system without the Battery Pack (before 10th May 2018), Bose is offering a very special form of compensation.

What kind of compensation?

When you provide the serial number of the Bose S1 PA system you have purchased, you will receive the custom-made Bose Backpack which was designed especially for transporting the S1 PA system.

How do I claim my free Bose Backpack?

All you have to do is go to the Bose website, select your language and fill in the online form. You will receive your free backpack within twelve weeks! This special offer is valid from 10th May to 7th August 2018.

Coming soon: the Bose Connect app for the S1 Pro. Keep an eye on our news overview for more information about the functionality of this app!

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