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Behringer Introduces MS-101, VC340 and RD-808

Behringer has been busy making its own versions of classic Roland synthesizers. Following in the footsteps of the Deepmind that was based on the Juno-106, they've now introduced the MS-101, the VC340 and RD-808 drum machine.


The MS-101 is an analogue monophonic synthesizer that's based on the SH-101. The VC340 is a vocoder/string synthesizer based on Roland's vintage VP330 Vocoder Plus string machine and the RD-808 is a drum machine based on Roland's classic TR-808.


Each of the new models look and sound very similar to the models they're based on, but offer a few modern features of their own as well. To find out more about them, take a look at the relevant product pages.


Check out our NAMM overview for info on all the latest new products!

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