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Ayra ComPar LED Fixtures - Reduced in Price!

Ayra's ComPar series consists of compact, attractively-priced LED fixtures that are suitable for just about anything. And now, they're even cheaper!

Ayra ComPar: new lower price!

If you're looking for a compact and efficient Par that offers great value for money, Ayr's ComPar series should be on your radar. Their popular LED fixtures come in different models with different options at different prices, meaning there's something for everyone. Every model works in standalone mode or with DMX and have colour combinations are go from very simple to very extensive. Models like the ComPar 2 or ComPar 30 can be controlled by remote too.

Ayra's ComPar series is all about value for money and now that the prices have been reduced, they're even better value! Best of all, the new lower prices are here to stay. Not only will you pay less for an Ayra ComPar than before, but you'll also pay less for any Bax Music bundle that has an Ayra ComPar in it too!

You can see an overview of the new lower-priced Ayra ComPars below.


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