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Arturia MicroLab - Your MIDI-keyboard travel companion

Now, to really make the most of that six hour flight, Arturia MicroLab have developed a pocket-sized MIDI keyboard that lets you keep working on your tracks during those long journeys. Available now in black, blue and orange.

Off to a flying start with the MicroLab

The picture says it all: two octaves with mini-keys, complete with touch-strips for adjusting pitch and modulation and, of course, the unmistakable octave selection buttons. It's these features, along with many more, that turn this keyboard into a practical and convenient little music-maker. Speaking of convenient, did you know you can stow away the USB cable inside of the MicroLab's housing? Anyway, the best thing about it might well be the included software, consisting of three separate packs: Analog Lab Lite gives you access to a large collection of synthesizer classics from back in the day, UVI Grand Piano Model D contains high and mighty piano sounds and in order to sequence all these different sounds, you'll get a copy of Bitwig Studio 8-Track on top. Should you so desire, 8-Track can be upgraded to the DAW's compete edition with this product.

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