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Alto Pro Revamps Truesonic Series

Alto Pro have given their Truesonic series an overhaul! The new TS3 series is the worthy successor to the popular TS2 series and consists of four professional active full-range active full-range speakers. The TX range has also been given an enhanced series with various upgrades audio-lovers will surely appreciate!

More powerful, more efficient, and stronger

In both the TS3 and TX2 series, we see four new models with woofers varying in size from 8 to 15 inches in diameter. Compared to the previous series, the speakers boast improved output capacity, more efficiency, better construction and more possibilities in terms of placement and mounting. Another advantage is that the TS2 and TX  series accessories, such as protective covers and mounting brackets,  are also compatible with the new models. If your sound system is in dire need of an upgrade, look no further than the Alto Professional!

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